These Walls Tell a Story…

It is believed that our souls leave an energy behind as we make a mark on the places we’ve been

Built on June 18th of 1884, the owner of this historical Stratford build was J Grayson Smith, a local lawyer. On June 28 of 1887, ownership was transferred to George A Mills who was a cab driver wielding a horse drawn carriage as mode of transportation.

On September 29th of 1905, Martha Mills took ownership and within a few years, in 1907, the building was sold again to Henry and George Kalbfleisch who had been using the space for their bicycle business which they started in 1899. In 1908 the brothers transitioned to be the first business in Stratford to sell automobiles and did so for many years until it’s closure in 2006.

This building is steeped in local history from horse-drawn cabs, to bicycles and finally automobiles Grayson Mills represents movement and evolution. Moving from one destination to the next, change, growth and long-lasting familial connections build the unique story of these walls – what an amazing space to celebrate life, ingenuity, and the exciting chapter of marriage.

The Canadian National Railway ambulance is seen outside Kalbfleisch Brothers, one of the oldest businesses in Stratford.
March 27, 1979 - Demolition of Kalbfleisch Brothers Ltd. old sales office building, located on the northeast corner of St. Patrick and Erie Streets, is expected to take about six weeks.
August 20, 1994 - Celebrating their 100th year anniversary, President Henry Kalbfleisch left is standing with his son and company secretary-treasurer, George in the Kalbfleisch Brothers showroom with a 1934 Dodge Viper.
1894 - George and Henry Kalbfleisch established Kalbfleisch Brothers as a machione and bike shop, in 1908 they became the first business in Stratford to sell automobiles.
1987 - George Kalbfleisch is with one of the Emperor Bicycles built by his grandfather and great uncle, George and Henry Kalbfleisch. It was returned to the company by the daughter of a man who originally purchased it in 1900.